Ways Proper Erosion Control Practices Help The Environment

Erosion control is an ongoing and important process that can make a big difference in a community. Ensuring proper erosion control is something that needs to be a priority in order to prevent future problems. Most communities have a task force that works closely with different agencies to implement a number of erosion control measures. While erosion control can be more difficult in some areas compared to others, there are a variety of products and methods that provide good results. Erosion control is essential for many reasons, but it is especially beneficial for the environment. Some of the ways that proper erosion control helps the environment include:

Keep Pollutants Out of the Soil and Water

One of the reasons that erosion control is so important is the fact that it helps keep pollutants out of the soil, groundwater, and rivers/streams. When erosion control measures are not in place, pollutants based in one location can be swept away and spread to other areas. For example, if pesticides or herbicides are used in an area that is prone to erosion and there is no erosion control, those chemicals can be washed away during a heavy rain and cause problems in other areas where pesticides and herbicide may be harmful.

Preserve Natural Habitats

Many people do not realize that erosion can wreak havoc on natural habitats and drastically change the biodiversity in an area. When there is uncontrolled erosion, a lot of land can be lost, leaving animals nowhere to live. Likewise, when sediment and soil are eroded away it can change the way that water in streams, creeks, and rivers flow, harming the habitats in these areas. Focusing on having a good erosion control plan will help ensure that the habitats in the community remain safe for animals. This means that the members of the community will be able to enjoy these natural areas.

Protect Soil Quality

Fertile soil is important, whether to grow grass, plants, or for farming. When it comes to soil, most of the necessary nutrients are found in the topsoil. Unfortunately, the topsoil is at risk for erosion if there isn't any erosion control in place. After years of no erosion control, the topsoil can be washed away, leaving poor quality soil that doesn't have the nutrients needed to grow anything. Enacting strict erosion control measures is the easiest way to protect soil quality and ensure that plant life can continue to thrive. 

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