What Types Of Waste Can A Dumpster Rental Company Handle?

Today, most homes produce different kinds of household waste that should be managed effectively to make disposal work easy. Unfortunately, many people throw their waste into one dumpster without confirming if some can be reused or recycled.

The chances are high that you have made this mistake, forcing the dumpster rental service providers to dump everything in a landfill. This habit can damage the environment, but knowing the classifications of waste can help prevent this problem. This post will highlight common forms of waste so you can play your role in conserving the environment and enhance your experience when working with a dumpster rental company.

1. Organic Waste

One of the largest shares of waste produced in every home is organic waste. It includes animal and plant products deemed useless, like rotten vegetables, expired food items, food leftovers, and meat. While decaying organic waste produces gases like methane and nitrogen, all of which can cause corrosion on the dumpsters. Therefore, it is advisable to place organic waste in bags as recommended by dumpster rental companies. 

When the garbage is rotting, the bad-smelling gases will not be released directly into the environment. The waste is also an ideal breeding ground for mildew and mold, responsible for allergies and other respiratory-related health problems.

2. Solid Waste

This waste is formed from solid materials that are rendered useless. It includes old or unused clothing, cartons, paper, bedding, steel, dry paint, tins, metals, concrete, and much more. In most cases, solid waste is non-biodegradable. Therefore, some can be taken to recycling plants or while some are disposed of in the landfill. Generally, solid waste is heavy and doesn't take much time to fill a dumpster, so you might have to pay more, especially when you have a construction project producing a lot of waste.

3. Hazardous Waste

As the name suggests, this kind of waste can be toxic, highly corrosive, or flammable. It may consist of asbestos, medical waste, gas cylinders, tires, and other items that you cannot handle with bare hands. Many dumpster rental companies provide unique guidelines that should be followed when handling such wastes. Therefore, discuss your waste disposal needs with your dumpster rental company for the best experience.

Now that you know the standard classifications of wastes, ensure you segregate them to facilitate proper waste removal. The more proactive you are, the easier it will be to keep the environment clean and facilitate waste removal.